Baby shower

Some friends of ours threw a baby shower today for Julia (and I, but mainly Julia). It’s always nice to be reminded of how many great people there are. Today was really nice, just seeing how excited everyone was for us.

Of course, Matthew took me out of the house for awhile so we could go shopping at places like Circuit City so I missed the dirty diaper contest (after hearing that I was afraid to ask about what else happened), but what I did get to see was great!

Anyways, a great big thanks to all our friends. We really love you guys!

XBox rewired

I didn’t actually rewire the whole XBox … just one of the controllers. And actually, it was just an extension cable I bought, so the controller still works with the XBox … but I also can plug them into my USB ports on my home-made PVR!

With the baby coming soon, and time running thin, I decided to stop playing with Linux and go back to Snapstream. I also got myHTPC up and running on it to control everything.

After a couple plugins, and some customizations, I have PVR-functionality, Weather, News (RSS), Local Movie Showtimes (complete with movie posters and descriptions), and various game consoles (with my newly-modded controllers) all wrapped up in one nice cozy interface. Combine that with a new universal remote to control the TV, DVD player, and myHTPC … it’s now truely an integrated solution!

We sold our house!

We received an offer yesterday, countered today, and got the final signoff this evening!

There’s still all the little steps involved to selling a house (engineer’s inspections, bank/attourney signoffs, etc), but the basic agreement has been met and things are now moving forward.

Man … nothing like cramming a move and baby into one season.

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