Found my PDA

Well, my PDA was found yesterday. The little girl of a family who was looking at our house yesterday found it pressed into the ice in our driveway. It doesn’t make me very happy, but at least now I don’t have to worry about someone trying to hack into my encrypted memory. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet – this thing was my brain. Buying a different one (even if it’s a cheap one) just seems like a waste of money to me. Sorry for posting such a gruesome picture. A moment of silence please …

So why did I do it?

Why switch to MoveableType, strip my website back to nothing, and have to learn how to use yet another system?

The short answer – I have no idea.

The long answer has a little more satisfying meat to it. Basically, there are a couple parts to it.

Part 1: The social aspect

A number of my friends use MoveableType and are quite happy with it. Being that I’d be much more inclined to post news items with something that’s easy to use and designed for this purpose, I thought it may be a good idea for me too.

Part 2: The technical aspect

In all reality, I don’t really need a whole community built around *me* (I don’t spend enough time on this site to warrant that) and some other setups I’ve played with were still overkill for what I needed. After looking at MT, it seemed to be a good match. I also like the idea that no matter where I host this, chances are I’ll be able to keep the same setup. I program .NET all day long and enjoy it – but don’t feel like tying myself down to that technology (especially when my wallet is involved if I decided to host this elsewhere). I’m hoping to find some good plugins also that will help spice things up – if anyone knows of some good ones please let me know.

Part 3: The “I have no idea” aspect

I dunno … it just seemed like something fun to do. I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to stay up late and tinker with new stuff.

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