Welcome to The Fyre Place

This entry marks the first official entry into this blog that is not for testing purposes. This entry also marks the first official entry of the live Fyreplace website.

The Fyre Place is now live.


I am writing the back-end of this blog from scratch, so from time to time you will notice things may stop working, or new things may appear (such as the catagories I will begin adding in, soon).

This blog will contain entries about the writing of the back-end, as well as things about my daily life.

I also maintain a LiveJournal that contains more smaller updates, immediate things, links, thoughts, quips, quizzes, etc..

I may not update here, every day… but I hope to make each update have substance.

For now, welcome to The Fyre Place, and let me take a few minutes to thank the people without whom this site never would have been:

Michelle @ #!/user/bin/mom, a member of codegrrl.com, who wrote the build-a-blog tutorial that got me started in all of this.

Louise @ unfloopy.net, also a member of codegrrl.com, who helped me debug my CSS and wrote the great PHPCurrently script.

Rafe @ rafe.me.uk for helping me with my CSS, layout, and accessibility.

Chrissy for geek support and a few ideas on how to fix things that went kablooey.

Nicky for geek support and giving me the answer to my CSS woes that had been staring me in the face (also for being one of the women of my dreams, and hopefully one of the women of my future).

Brad Fitzpatrick, the creator of LiveJournal, for providing me with my start in blogging.

…and finally, Wil Wheaton who ultimately gave me the idea to start blogging on my own site.

Yes, I know, I’m thanking a lot of people, and there are a lot more left to thank. We could even go back to Hacker Bryan who was the one who originally had the link to Brad Fitz’s website about LiveJournal, or we could go even further back to the person who started me on the ‘net many years ago. But I’ll leave all of that for a back story entry.

Suffice it to say many people have made this site possible.

It’s not complete, by any means.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, my contact information is currently listed on my LiveJournal profile, though I hope to have a contact portion up on here, soon. (Like I said, the site is raw.)

Welcome to The Fyre Place.

Oh, yes, before I forget. I have forums set up. Please feel free to enjoy them.

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