Bookmarklets and Trackbacking

I have finally gotten around to adding bookmarklet support to the blog – which really wasn’t that hard. A bit of URL encoding… more »


Left-side links…

I’ve been told through IM, that I should give a few comments on some of the text links on my left sidebar. Okay,… more »



I just had to write a rejection letter. Interestingly enough, it was to a potential employer. In one day, I received two competing… more »


Camilogical, my friends…

Recently, I was digging around in my closet and found my old Veo Stingray webcam. After much haggling with Windows XP, USB drivers,… more »


Information Superhighway, Infobaun, and other various sundries

For those of you who routinely tune into my audio stream, my apologies for today. My cablemodem died sometime around 4:00am, central, last… more »


Does it make sense to add an addddddd?

So I went and researched a lot about Google Adsense, and figured I’d go ahead and include it. “HEY! I thought you HATED… more »


Links added

Recently, I’ve added a few links to the sidebar. Blog Houston is a group of bloggers who make posts dealing with politics in… more »


Updates soon

It’s been a while since I’ve undergone major updating of this site. Well, it’s time I actually did something, yes? What I’m working… more »


Site changes…

I haven’t done much work on the backend to the site, lately… Haven’t really been in a php mood, to be honest. I’m… more »


Welcome to The Fyre Place

This entry marks the first official entry into this blog that is not for testing purposes. This entry also marks the first official… more »