The Price is 100 Gold, or One Small Duck.

I received an e-mail stating that my comments on this individual’s blog were disturbing to read; that – as such – they had… more »


As virtually everyone (USA-side) is aware of, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) selling the yellow “Live Strong” wristbands. What many may not be… more »

Bookmarklets and Trackbacking

I have finally gotten around to adding bookmarklet support to the blog – which really wasn’t that hard. A bit of URL encoding… more »

Left-side links…

I’ve been told through IM, that I should give a few comments on some of the text links on my left sidebar. Okay,… more »


I just had to write a rejection letter. Interestingly enough, it was to a potential employer. In one day, I received two competing… more »


This past weekend I took a trip to Beers of the World and bought some brewing ingredients and new tubing for my kegging… more »

Microsoft the Fat Cow

I just needed an excuse to put this image on my site! I got it from this article which is a pretty interesting… more »


Now testing … the new MovableType 3.0 Publishing Platform! I’ve enabled comment registration … so I’ll need to approve unregistered comments before they… more »

Baby shower

Some friends of ours threw a baby shower today for Julia (and I, but mainly Julia). It’s always nice to be reminded of… more »