Installation script

Well, it was a bitch, but I finally have a working installation script. Of course, at the moment all it does is build the database structure and create the config file for inclusion. It’s also a good 32k long. But then again, I’m inputting a LOT of initial data for that mood table (something like 123 moods).

The next order of business is to get a basic template setup and write the page code for the administration interface. I’d love to use the layout I have for my own site, but.. well, it’s not mine. I’d have to contact Andrew Tedstone (which I think I will) and ask permission. Besides, it’s a little limiting on size.

Things to think about adding:

  • Multiple author support (Currently, flameblog supports one author)
  • Entry snippets (Currently the only option is to display the entire entry)

Multiple Categories per entry (Currently, I know I can do single cat per entry, but multiple would be interesting, too.. it’s the just culling out for cat archiving.. perhaps if isin? and the display on the page. I don’t know of ANY blogs that support multiple cats per entry. Should be interesting to see.)

For not, I’m going to go find drivers to connect my laptop to my cellphone (woot), and then shower and enjoy Christmas Eve with my family.

Protection of admin

The admin interface is finally password protected, thanks to some nifty code stealing, and HELLA code modifying.

Haven’t put much work in on flameblog in the past couple-three days, as I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning on my bedroom (it’s needed it). I’m pretty much exhausted, right now, but I’m hoping to be back at the blogware within the next 24 hours.

Planning a trip to Florida pretty soon, will blog about it here, rather than LiveJournal. I’m thinking that will mark the switch to the personal site.

My first order of business when I get going again is to get the contact section up and running. I’ll have to find a way to hash the e-mail to guard against spammers. Oooo.. I think I know a way…

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