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I’ve been told through IM, that I should give a few comments on some of the text links on my left sidebar.

Okay, no worries, but I’ll primarily concentrate on those items with an asterisk (*) beside them.

READ: This category contains blogs that I read on a regular basis. Included in this listing are:

Wil Wheaton – Author, actor, former Wesley Crusher, and all around good egg.

Ernie – Geek, asian, gay. Ernie writes with humour and some sort of flair that I can’t pin down. Currently working for yahoo, Ernie makes my blogreading fun, and occasionally causes me to create strange graphics.

LiveJournal – This link takes you to my LiveJournal friends page. I average 120 entries per day on this page, most from actual people. Some include the feeds from various webcomics, Wil Wheaton, Ernie, and other blogs (centralized aggregation at its finest), and a couple of communities. The actual people on there – for the most part – I consider friends.

LAUGH: This category is, of course, comics, including

User Friendly – a comic about the crew of an ISP. Quite a hilarious comic, especially if you’re a tech.

Partially Clips – Take a guy, some clip art, and wit. Combine.

Misfile – Take one messed up angel, a miscue on filing, and poof… you’ve got a girl who used to be a guy, whose new best friend is suddenly younger than she used to be. Noone, of course, notices the changes.

The Wotch – Take one part magick, one part humour, one part transexuality, and one part general strange… you’ve got The Wotch. Ann is a wotch (no, not a witch), with a penchant for turning her male friends into sexy female counterparts.

Venus Envy – What’s it like being a transexual girl? What’s it like when your parents just don’t understand why their little man is now their little lady? Read, and find out. Written from experience, or so it seems.

Venus Ascending – What happens when the cast of Venus Envy winds up in command of a spaceship? Oy vey.

LISTEN: This should be obvious. The only link here is to Freezepop, a great synthpop band whose music is all made on a gameboy (well… not quite). I also need to add a link to Erasure, my favourite band.

VISIT: Sites I try to visit at least once a week include:

Albino Blacksheep – an archive of awesome flash files, games, and funnies.

VidLit – Books gone Flash (and then some).

DESIGN: The one site that definately deserves mention above all else is Codegrrl.com. Without the ladies at Codegrrl, NONE of this would be possible.

There you have it, folks.

Coming soon – I hope – more things on the right-hand sidebar, including: Winamp Currents (What am I listening to? What have I been listening to?), Booklets (What am I reading?), Random quotes (with user submissions allowed), and a communal linking blogroll.

Needless to say, I need to find more space for this stuff, or make a REALLY long left-hand bar with ALL of the links.

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