Microsoft the Fat Cow

I just needed an excuse to put this image on my site!

I got it from this article which is a pretty interesting read. It discusses some potential problems Microsoft may face, demonstrates how hindsight is always 20/20, and will give anyone frustrated with Windows a sense that you’re not alone.

News Hound

Yeah, I go on different kicks from time to time. The past week or so I’ve been on a news kick, so here’s another one!

How Microsoft Lost the API War is a quite a bit more technical in nature, so be forwarned!


OK, I’m officially back now!

Articles and comments have been restored. I’m going to work on making all the links work again (Google cache, etc).

Basically this means I am Windows free at home now! I don’t know why I slipped back into that. I guess I wanted to give it one last shot on a spare box (no way I was going to use it for my main computer). Now I’ve learned my lesson, Windows is a horrid piece of software that takes way too much time to babysit if you don’t want errors and problems.

My next major phase is to get all my favorite photos online (already started and on its way).


In preparation for Halo 2 (Xbox) being released very soon, I’ve decided I need to make sure I beat the first Halo. I started over today because it’s been so long since I played it, that I couldn’t remember anything!

Man, this game rocks.

I also am not used to playing it since we got the surround sound stuff hooked up. Considering this game is so old, I’m VERY excited to see how much better Halo 2 will be. Of course, since the makers of Halo were bought out by Microsoft, I guess I should just hope that the game doesn’t crash!

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