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Recently, I’ve added a few links to the sidebar. Blog Houston is a group of bloggers who make posts dealing with politics in Houston. Most appear to be liberal. Most appear to dislike the Chronicle.

Htown Blogs is another local Houston blog site. Not much is known about the bloggers who post there, and it is apparently rarely updated (I love how their requirements for a link say “recent (within 45 days) activity,” yet they went two months without updating. It appears to be more for linking to Houston bloggers – and notifying of blogger meetup-style events – than anything else. Not a bad resource for finding other local bloggers.

Houston MetroBlog is the Houston Metroblog. Filled with active bloggers who live in Houston, the Houston Metblog is witty, interesting, often insightful, and a good look at Houston. Again, posters seem to be leaning toward the liberal slant, but it’s not really a political blog. Definately worth the look. Unfortunately, I missed the mark and didn’t get my application to be a Houston metro blogger in before the positions filled. I’ll be keeping my eyes out in the future, though.

The most recent additions (today) are:

Fight Spam! (Just click the link, the URL is annoyingly long.) This little image will such e-mail collecting robots into an endless loop of fake e-mail addresses. Actually, right now, they’re posting the e-mails of known spammers. Heh. Spam the spammers. Cute.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least is Hill Collins dot net. Run by author Jason Hill, provides links for authors, readers, and book lovers alike. Jason also occasionally reviews books, and posts those reviews on his blog.

It tickles me (in a good way) to say “author…” as I’ve read this guy’s alternate blog and have watched him – over the course of about a year and a half – come from a struggling author, up to now. He’s about to get his first book published. I’ll definately be watching for the pre-order information.

If you have a site you’d like for me to link to, please feel free to e-mail me. fyre at this domain.

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