This past weekend I took a trip to Beers of the World and bought some brewing ingredients and new tubing for my kegging setup. I spent some time re-adjusting my CO2 regulator and fitings – resulting in a totally leak free setup! After leaving my kegging setup for all day today and seeing that it was successfully reconfigured, I started in on a batch of homebrew.

Tonight was a night of glory. It was a little more difficult than normal being that I usually brew and add ingredients to the wort by smell; today my nose was stuffed up from the remnants of a cold. But nevertheless, I think I came up with another success! It’s a tad darker than I anticipated, about the color of a light nut brown, but should prove to be a great Thanksgiving brew!

There’s nothing like the earthy smell of homebrew wort cooking in your kitchen!


One of the other things I did this past weekend was get the house and yard ready for winter. One of the things I did was set up our birdfeeders again, and put them closer to the house so I can reach them from the back porch.

Last night it snowed here, and I woke up to a fairly good dusting of snow on the ground. I decided to take my time this morning and eat breakfast at the breakfast table, and what did I see? All the winter birds coming to eat!

I saw a couple chickadees, a female cardinal, and another bird I’m not familiar with. I’ll have to look that one up. I like days that start like this.

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