At&t Promotional Codes


The CSS problems are fixed. Thanks to a bit of javascript in the file (in the head section), I’m now differentiating between… more »



This past weekend I took a trip to Beers of the World and bought some brewing ingredients and new tubing for my kegging… more »


Microsoft the Fat Cow

I just needed an excuse to put this image on my site! I got it from this article which is a pretty interesting… more »



Now testing … the new MovableType 3.0 Publishing Platform! I’ve enabled comment registration … so I’ll need to approve unregistered comments before they… more »


Baby shower

Some friends of ours threw a baby shower today for Julia (and I, but mainly Julia). It’s always nice to be reminded of… more »


Found my PDA

Well, my PDA was found yesterday. The little girl of a family who was looking at our house yesterday found it pressed into… more »


A Card Reader

These canicule cameras with films are no best in use, what a lot of humans use today are agenda cameras area they can… more »


Get Cheap Laptops Computers

The computers are a actual able agenda accessories anywhere and for anyone. Individuals are award the computers are acutely accessible and needful. Folks… more »


Free Photo iPod

Ok … here’s the proof: I have been enjoying my free 20GB iPod for a few weeks now! Also, my friends Scott and… more »


Feel the power of the geeko

I got SuSE (Linux) installed last night. I was pretty impressed with how Linux has progressed from an end user standpoint. Of course,… more »