Camilogical, my friends…

Recently, I was digging around in my closet and found my old Veo Stingray webcam. After much haggling with Windows XP, USB drivers,… more »

Free Photo iPod

Ok … here’s the proof: I have been enjoying my free 20GB iPod for a few weeks now! Also, my friends Scott and… more »

Feel the power of the geeko

I got SuSE (Linux) installed last night. I was pretty impressed with how Linux has progressed from an end user standpoint. Of course,… more »

iGot iSight!

It looks so nice mounted on top of my screen … just like nature and Feng Shui had always intended it. If you’ve… more »

Fun Little Cool Gadgets

Gadgets are all the rage these days. All bring together, to have fun and fun. These gadgets also increase the convenience of our… more »

PT6 hot sections and PT6 overhaul

The PT6 hot section houses the combustion chamber where the thrust needed to propel the aircraft is generated. It is subjected to very… more »

New widgets for iPad and iPhone in iOS 5

Gadget manufacturer Apple have previously come under fire from technology lovers for the apparent “glaring omission” of widgets from their iPhone and iPad… more »