Bookmarklets and Trackbacking

I have finally gotten around to adding bookmarklet support to the blog – which really wasn’t that hard. A bit of URL encoding via javascript (for the bookmarklet link), and then a slight modification of my entry form to scale it down a bit and pull the URL and Title of the page I’m bookmarkletting and auto-insert it into the text area. I don’t have it live, yet, as I need to do some quick editing of the page to scale it down to a small pop-up window. Eventually, though.

Trackbacking is a bit harder. I have downloaded the standalone trackback cgi (and manual) from Six Apart’s website, but an reluctant to use it. Primarily because I was to write it, my damned self. heh. Unfortunately to truly learn how to trackback, I need to figure out how to do arrays and a couple of other little functions in PHP that I’m not too sharp on, yet.

Other than that, I’m working on the templating system. It’s being the BIGGEST pain in my side. I can’t get the while loops to function properly if I call them via functions. You would think a function of entrystart(), to select entries from the database, assign the variables, and open the while loop… then HTML code and etc… within the pages to issue the appropriate portions. Unfortunately, to use the while loop, you have to do:

Yes, that little bracket ends the while loop. Unfortunately, to set a function, you have to do: function() { yada }. yes. brackets.

Notice the problem?

The php interpreter would think I was closing the while loop, and not the function. To my knowledge, one cannot escape a bracket (WHILE an entry exists to be output \{ ) would not work.

I’m at an impass on this, and can’t figure it out.

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