Information Superhighway, Infobaun, and other various sundries

For those of you who routinely tune into my audio stream, my apologies for today. My cablemodem died sometime around 4:00am, central, last… more »

Does it make sense to add an addddddd?

So I went and researched a lot about Google Adsense, and figured I’d go ahead and include it. “HEY! I thought you HATED… more »

Links added

Recently, I’ve added a few links to the sidebar. Blog Houston is a group of bloggers who make posts dealing with politics in… more »

Updates soon

It’s been a while since I’ve undergone major updating of this site. Well, it’s time I actually did something, yes? What I’m working… more »

Site changes…

I haven’t done much work on the backend to the site, lately… Haven’t really been in a php mood, to be honest. I’m… more »

Welcome to The Fyre Place

This entry marks the first official entry into this blog that is not for testing purposes. This entry also marks the first official… more »

Firefox 1.0 is officially released!

For all you web surfers out there who are sick of getting spyware, viruses and countless other problems … your knight in shining… more »

What are You Going to Need on the Road?

If you’re a serious motorcycle or bicycle rider, you’ve no doubt considered the possibility of a really big ride or road trip. We’re… more »

Importance of teeth straightening

Cosmetic teeth straightening is a way of giving people’s smile back who have lose their smile or feel shame in smiling properly in… more »

Air Conditioning Bradenton Is Here To Serve You

Are you looking for the best service you could ever had in terms of cleaning your air conditioning unit? Well, the answer is… more »