The Price is 100 Gold, or One Small Duck.

I received an e-mail stating that my comments on this individual’s blog were disturbing to read; that – as such – they had no interest in my opinions; that they would appreciate it if I would simply cease to read their blog and save them the hassle of banning my IP address.

I replied succinctly: “Banning my IP address would do no good, as it is dynamically assigned and a simple reset of my cable modem would result in an IP change. Banning the entire subnet would be – in a word – innapropriate. I will respect your wishes and remove your blog from my read list. –Eric” (For me, this is succint.) I will, of course, do as I stated.

I found it thoroughly amusing that I “disturb” people. I find it even more thoroughly amusing that that which disturbs some, gives others many hours of hilarity. The same tone, voice, demeanor, anecdotes, and conversational attitude I bring to my comments on others’ blogs, I also bring to the message forums I populate.

These events actually put me in a bit of a quandry. Do I chalk this up to a random person who just doesn’t “get” me, or do I sit back and look at the way I write, what I say, and the way I say it, in hopes of disovering just what it is about me that disturbs. The former, of course, would be easiest. The latter may result in lassitude of thought and form (no, I am not waxing Christian Science) within my posts, comments, and forum posts. In fact, doing such analysis would almost certainly result in a change in the way I approach online communication, thereby undermining the very foundation of who I am.

I never claimed to be politically correct, appropriate, or even sane. In fact, I have it on reasonable authority that many wonder about my general sanity (and whether or not I have multiple personalities) in forums which either I cannot access, or I have not yet wandered into. I find this highly amusing. My family – were they to know of these events – would find this highly amusing.

My past psychiatrists would say that this is interesting, ask how I feel about it, and probably either raise or lower my medications. (Both fortunately and unfortunately, I no longer deal with the psychiatrists, or the medications.) My semi-unique style of writing, and thoroughly unique style of thought, mesh into a result that is only occasionally seen throughout the ‘net, and generally give people pause. Often – or so I have been told – people will read things I say twice, wondering if there is a hidden meaning between the lines. To that, I simply tell them that convolution is best left up to the masters – one of which, I am not.

I believe, I will simply delete the individual’s blog from my personal reading list (they had not yet made it into the links from this site), and keep my promise to respect their wishes. In turn, I will put a large check mark in the box marked “re-examine self if two more people say you disturb them.” This box is, of course, located directly beside one that is identical. Both boxes are at the top of a column of boxes that are all identical, and stretch into infinity. Perhaps, once I fill them all with checks, I will actually fulfill their command of self examination. The problem, of course, is that if the professionals couldn’t figure me out… How can I hope to do so?

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