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I haven’t done much work on the backend to the site, lately… Haven’t really been in a php mood, to be honest. I’m also working on some side projects (well, actually, I’m working on the main projects, and THIS is the side project).

I have, however, made some addition to the site, and nailed down some design. The left-hand sidebar will be for site navigation at the top, and text-based links of places I regularly visit below. If I add a blog-roll of bloggers I regularly read (though there aren’t that many), I’ll put it there.

The right-hand sidebar includes my currents info, and graphical links. Currently the sections are: links to houston-related sites (especially blogs, including bloghouston, htownblogs, and houston metroblogging); Various links, and “Terror of War.” This last section includes a rather humourous graphic showing the current terror level, and a java-based graphic showing the number of deaths reported since the war began as well as some scrolling lists of civilian casulties (the min/max are because accounts vary as to the number of actual dead… Even one, is too high).

Beyond that, you will find my copyright information. As I mentioned before, my template was originally designed by Andrew Tedstone, and is availible at Open Source Web Design. What I have not mentioned is that this site – and ALL CONTENT WITHIN – is copywritten under a Creative Commons license that allows the following:

You may freely use any of my work, or any portion of this page under the following conditions: You may not modify the work in any way without permission, you may not use the work for commercial purposes without permission, you must give credit to me, somewhere on the page where the work is utilized (a font size=”1″ tagline at the bottom should be sufficient).

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