News 2802-40

Site changes…

I haven’t done much work on the backend to the site, lately… Haven’t really been in a php mood, to be honest. I’m… more »

News 2802-39

Welcome to The Fyre Place

This entry marks the first official entry into this blog that is not for testing purposes. This entry also marks the first official… more »

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Selling out?

I’ve thought long and hard about optimizing my google adsense units on my site. I’ve had adsense for a couple-three months, now, and… more »

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Arrr, maties, time to be overhaulin’ this blog

Yes, that’s right. Now that I have a steady, reliable internet connection again, I find I’m in the midst of blogger burn out.… more »

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Coding woes, and flapjack hoes…

The past few weeks have been a trying time for my family and I. My father has recently been diagnosed with discoid lupus… more »

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IE issues?

I’ve checked this site through Internet Explorer on no less than three seperate computer systems, tonight. EVERY single one of those systems was… more »

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Installation script

Well, it was a bitch, but I finally have a working installation script. Of course, at the moment all it does is build… more »

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The CSS problems are fixed. Thanks to a bit of javascript in the file (in the head section), I’m now differentiating between… more »

General 2802-32


This past weekend I took a trip to Beers of the World and bought some brewing ingredients and new tubing for my kegging… more »

General 2802-31

Microsoft the Fat Cow

I just needed an excuse to put this image on my site! I got it from this article which is a pretty interesting… more »