PT6 hot sections and PT6 overhaul

The PT6 hot section houses the combustion chamber where the thrust needed to propel the aircraft is generated. It is subjected to very high temperatures and has to withstand physical stresses depending on how it is operated. Hence, for streamlined performance it is imperative that the hot section be operated carefully and maintained regularly.

Although exterior measures like reducing the engine start up and cruise temperatures can improve the performance of the hot section, a PT6 overhaul is advisable on a timely basis as established by the engine’s manufacturer. The fuel nozzles that supply metered fuel to the PT6 hot section for combustion have the largest impact on its life and operation cost per hour. A consistent poor nozzle spray can harshly abrade and burn the parts of the hot section. Hence, a quick overhaul would essentially involve the cleaning of these nozzles and exchange if necessary.

However, more stringent PT6 overhaul as offered by companies around the globe would include the inspection, repair and recertification of the entire section to the detail and would render it in mint condition. The manufacturer’s highly recommended and meticulous overhaul has made the PT6 one of the world’s most popular turboprop aircraft engines.

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