New widgets for iPad and iPhone in iOS 5

Gadget manufacturer Apple have previously come under fire from technology lovers for the apparent “glaring omission” of widgets from their iPhone and iPad device; however, that could all be about the change with the impending release of the new iOS 5…

Widgets are small programs that provide quick and easy access to information from apps, such as media streams, social networking messages and new updates. They float on a tablet or smartphones screen and are aimed at providing quick and useful information to users, without the need to load apps.

Apple have been criticised for failing to cater for popular demand, as many other smartphone platforms (such as Apple’s main rivals Google’s Android) already have widgets integrated into their operating systems.

Industry analysts have been claiming that Apple have been dropping many hints concerning their intentions to include widgets into the new iOs 5; others say that they will be announcing news over the issue at the upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference, which is due to be held on June 6th.

Apple has already said that it intends to take many of the features in the impending iOS 5 “back to the mac’; with a great deal of the features in the ‘Lion’ OS for Mac being said to mirror features in iOS 5.

Some industry analysts have suggested that the widget feature for Apple’s mobile devices may be very similar to the Mac versions, which are housed in a section of the PC known as ‘Dashboard’; they speculate that users may even be able to ‘swipe’ to another section of their devices, which is what is expected to be seen in the Lion OS.

The widget news has been sparked by rumours that Apple bought a small company earlier in the year, which specialised in a notification app for the iPhone. Get great Ipad and nokia n8 deals at phones4u today.

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