Greener Computing

I used to have a desktop computer. I liked it for its power and speed. And the purchase price was good too. It was enough for my needs when I started to travel more.How I can travel with my computer? In recent years, I opted to keep a laptop for travel. Before each trip, I transferred the files you need from the desktop to the laptop.

Oh, so old!When we moved to Boulder, Colorado in Ridgway, Colorado, where he lived in a tent for nine months while our house was built, I realized in a way that could save the space was just use my laptop and not worry about office. When you live and work in 300 “round feet,” all matters in cubic inches.

When it was time to get a new laptop, I got a degree sufficient to handle everything that had to be done, and use all the time – I could get rid of my desktop computer at all, and is one of the computers, instead of two. And ‘obviously the environment. Travel was a less frustrating, because they have to do a file transfer over. The work was as simple laptop to the desktop.

Unexpected bonus for energy savings. Making a desktop computer and monitor uses more energy than a laptop does not. In the summer we will have to reduce the heat load is too much. Of course, there are some cold winter nights when every bit ‘of extra heat would be welcome. But overall, what a wonderful green efforts have begun!

How much power does your computer use? If you want to know exactly how your computer uses, you can get a meter and measure a period of 24 hours. Multiply this figure by the number of days per year of the computer is on, even in sleep, and dividing that product by 1000, to tell you how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) the configuration of your computer using.

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