Switched to DSL

We’ve just completed the switch to DSL!

After noticing that by lowering our cell phone plan, hooking up a home phone and switching to DSL that we’d be getting more for less, we decided to make the jump. I did a couple tests last night when we first got the service hooked up (switching between RoadRunner and DSL) and found that the speeds were very very similar. For normal browsing, I can’t tell the difference at all!

Now the question is whether or not to switch to a satellite for TV, and rid ourselves of TimeWarner and their constantly-rising-rip-off-prices for good!

Gotta love “customer service”

It’s such a relative term. I called Time Warner 2 weeks ago to find out what my options were with their various services. After poking and prodding, the only answer I could get out of them was their digital all-in-one package that forces you into digital cable, gets you the digital phone, and then Road Runner.

1) Normal cable is hardly worth the price you pay, esp when you consider the amount of absolute crap they force you to pay for instead of giving you channels you may actually want.

2) Digital phone, while a cool concept is dependant upon two separate systems which are known to failure – electricity and cable. Yeah, I want to rely on a service that could fail when I’d want to use it most.

3) Road runner has been pretty good to us, no big complaints there.

For a lesser price I could get DSL. So we switched. I called Time Warner today to cancel Road Runner, and the woman (very nice and polite, I do have to say) informs me that they are willing to match Frontier’s DSL offer. And “oh, by the way, we do have other packages we could give you that would give you more services, and only cost $2 per month more.”

I was asked if I called before I switched. I replied, “yes, which is a large factor why I switched … there was nothing else Time Warner had available for me.” On top of all that, she then informs me that they are willing to keep that discounted (matched) DSL price on Road Runner for me, for up to 2 years.

Wow – I don’t know what to say. I guess the lesson here is that in order to get good customer service, you can’t be a customer I refuse to play into those games and am actually getting more of what we want with our particular usage patterns now anyways.

Goodbye Time Warner, your time has come.

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