Updates soon

It’s been a while since I’ve undergone major updating of this site. Well, it’s time I actually did something, yes?

What I’m working on in the coming days (read: this weekend):

  • Security System updates
  • Blogrolls to remove excessive linkage from the left-side menu
  • XFN compatibility in blogroll database and listing
  • RPC Pinger to ping pingomatic.com.
  • Trackbacking
  • Basic Category implementation
  • Comment Deletion
  • Looking into comment moderation

Figuring out how to survive on lack of sleep, as all of this in two days will likely result in a 48 hour continual uptime with 100% processor load for my body/brain

On the upshot, I will be MUCH closer to getting this project to where I want it, in the grand scheme of things. Really, after I get all of this done, the administration pages redesigned (that’s a LOT of stuff to fit into the post/edit screens), all I’ll have left to do is enable multiple author support. Needless to say, I’ll archive this f***er after everything gets to where I want it, and re-open from scratch.

For those wondering about my side projects involving PHP?

Media Library, including:

  • MP3 (artist/title/genre info) catalogging
  • CD Database (Artist/Album/Tracks)
  • Cyber Bookshelf (author, series, title)

As well as three sections for my personal writings (short stories/sudden fiction, novels/novells, and poetry). How do those sections involve php? The managing of the databasing schema for them.

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