Arrr, maties, time to be overhaulin’ this blog

Yes, that’s right. Now that I have a steady, reliable internet connection again, I find I’m in the midst of blogger burn out. Partly becuase I’ve been too concerned with dragging people to this site. I mean, look at my “bloggerize” category over on the left. I really should drop several of those buttons. I never even use the surf systems.

I will, however, likely be leaving the blog of the moment, and link2blogs. There are some good blogs on there (Even though link2blogs appears to be becoming more and more spam links).

Since the things in the sidebar are pretty much for you readers (I have my own portal page, I’ve built), what would you like to see in them? The left-side bar will remain as is with google ads, link2blogs, and blogrolls. The right-side bar is completely up for changing.

First to go will be several of the blogerize buttons, followed – probably – by the current cam image (I know of noone that is interested in watching my webcam, and I usually forget to turn it on, anyway). The “Linkerize” will probably be removed, as most of those are duplicates, and the ones that aren’t will be placed in a link-button category. Webrings will probably be moved to the left-side, at the bottom. I want the right side to – primarily – be for content of various sorts.

I will, most likely, be adding a list of books I am currently reading, (with image of cover, and link to product info on amazon), etc…

Aside from that, I need you – the readers – to tell me what you’d like to see, or what you enjoy seeing on other blogs. The writing portion of this blog is for me. The sidebars, are for you.

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