IE issues?

I’ve checked this site through Internet Explorer on no less than three seperate computer systems, tonight. EVERY single one of those systems was showing my site with messed up formatting (the middle section (content, entries, etc..) was overlapping the right-hand sidebar.

Thing is, on MY Internet Explorer at home, the site looks fine. In fact, I spent a long time writing a javascript to detect when people are using IE and use a special CSS page to make things appear correctly. It doesn’t make any sense.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, please let me know (in comments) what version of IE you are using (go to the menu bar and click HELP -> about, to get the version number), and tell me whether or not the center content box overlaps the right-hand sidebar.


Some of you may be familiar with the concept of Metro Blogging. Getting several bloggers to collaborate and blog about a city. Metro blogging first came about with the website.

Eventually, Sean Bonner and company decided to open up the website, and start indoctrinating cities from around the world. It’s actually quite interesting, and I read multiple cities, often.

Recently, I was asked to join the group at the Houston Metroblog. This was quite an honor for me, as my.

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