The CSS problems are fixed.

Thanks to a bit of javascript in the file (in the head section), I’m now differentiating between standards compliant browsers and Internet Explorer non-compliant browsers. Currently, however, people using KHTML-based browsers (konquerer, safari, omniweb, et al…) will still notice some very minor issues (mostly in the sizing of the sidebars and the links within). I have yet to create a seperate stylesheet for them, and don’t know if I ever will.

The problem resides in how they handle CSS and display things. Technically these browsers are W3C compliant, but they render slightly differently than normal (Opera, Mozilla/gecko, etc..). Anyway, it all boils down to the viewer getting a different stylesheet depending on their browser type. If you experience any problems, just let me know (a comment here should be sufficient, I suppose).

Welcome to the (nearly) complete site.

The only things I have left to work on are:

  • Archive interface (archive pages are done, I just need the interface)
  • Catagories (especially nested catagories)
  • Install scripts (this is VERY low priority)
  • Template System (again, VERY low priority)
  • Mood management interface
  • Expanding the admin interface
  • Various other sections as related to my personal stuff/site (as opposed to public blog distro)
  • A base layout for inclusion in distribution (again, VERY low priority)

I’m sure I’ll think of other things as time goes on.

If you can think of something you’d like to see in a blog package that normally isn’t offered – or I haven’t mentioned yet, let me know.

Thanks to the following people for helping me the past couple-three days:

  • Rafe
  • Louise
  • Chrissy
  • Nicky
  • The Dr. Pepper Bottling Company of Dallas, TX
  • Parents and friends for understanding why I’ve been both incommunicado and working/sleeping WEIRD ass hours.

Now, I’m off to finish cleaning my extremely dirty bedroom.

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