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Small time users of Cisco Products

Not only large multinationals or large companies use Cisco products. There are a number of small time users or companies that also find… more »


New widgets for iPad and iPhone in iOS 5

Gadget manufacturer Apple have previously come under fire from technology lovers for the apparent “glaring omission” of widgets from their iPhone and iPad… more »


Greener Computing

I used to have a desktop computer. I liked it for its power and speed. And the purchase price was good too. It… more »


Must have pieces for a new television

Buying a new television is an exciting event, but in order to get the most out of your television you will want to… more »


Verizon Promotional Codes is in more Use Nowadays

Verizon Promotional Codes are those codes which are more common in use nowadays. Also the promotion of the Verizon can be used mainly… more »

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The Price is 100 Gold, or One Small Duck.

I received an e-mail stating that my comments on this individual’s blog were disturbing to read; that – as such – they had… more »

General 2802-49


As virtually everyone (USA-side) is aware of, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) selling the yellow “Live Strong” wristbands. What many may not be… more »

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Bookmarklets and Trackbacking

I have finally gotten around to adding bookmarklet support to the blog – which really wasn’t that hard. A bit of URL encoding… more »

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Left-side links…

I’ve been told through IM, that I should give a few comments on some of the text links on my left sidebar. Okay,… more »

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I just had to write a rejection letter. Interestingly enough, it was to a potential employer. In one day, I received two competing… more »

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Camilogical, my friends…

Recently, I was digging around in my closet and found my old Veo Stingray webcam. After much haggling with Windows XP, USB drivers,… more »

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Information Superhighway, Infobaun, and other various sundries

For those of you who routinely tune into my audio stream, my apologies for today. My cablemodem died sometime around 4:00am, central, last… more »

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Does it make sense to add an addddddd?

So I went and researched a lot about Google Adsense, and figured I’d go ahead and include it. “HEY! I thought you HATED… more »

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Links added

Recently, I’ve added a few links to the sidebar. Blog Houston is a group of bloggers who make posts dealing with politics in… more »

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Updates soon

It’s been a while since I’ve undergone major updating of this site. Well, it’s time I actually did something, yes? What I’m working… more »

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